LePaM -v1 system

  • consists of a leaf image producing probe (ODLI) and an image analysis program (CPLA).

Optical probe

An autumn aspen leaf with the green of the leaf still left.


Computer program

The area of the aspen leaf is 9.902 cm2, which includes the leaf trunk. The length of the leaf without the trunk is 41.547 mm.

Next, the determinations of the areas of the colored parts of the autumn aspen leaf

Green areas:

The green area of the leaf is 7.569 cm2, i.e. 7.569 / 9.902 × 100% = 76.4% of the remaining green area denoted by red color.

Yellowed and darkened areas, probably caused by fungi and bacteria:

The yellowed area of the leaf is 0.600 cm2 i.e. 6.1% of the total leaf area (red areas).

The darkened area of the leaf is 1.726 cm2 i.e. 17.4% of the total surface area of the leaf (red areas).